The History of New Beginnings TLC

New Beginnings TLC, Inc. is a 501c3 Non Profit Organization

Leland and Bonnie

In December 2011, Leland and Bonnie founded New Beginnings Retreat exclusively with the intention to make your transgender SRS and gender-non-binary surgical experience and transition easy and comfortable. New Beginnings provides the space for us all to embrace the beauty of who we are in beautiful South Florida.

With over 850 patients served, Leland and Bonnie are the generous and compassionate hosts behind the phenomenal success of New Beginnings.

Since Leland has experienced his own surgical process first hand, both he and Bonnie have a deep understanding of the needs and concerns related to surgery.

New Beginnings provides an unbeatable combination of special services for you and your companion that will make your journey exciting and worry-free, whether you are traveling from abroad or within USA.

New Beginnings Retreat is Located in Broward County, Florida, and is run by professional and competent staff with a combined 40+ years of experience in the medical field. Your surgical transition experience will be amazing as the New Beginnings Retreat supports your surgical experience with ease and comfort in a private, safe and fun location. You'll be staying in a welcoming environment that embodies compassion, generosity and companionship.


Beautiful Surroundings Promote A Healthy Recovery From Top Surgery


The grounds are lush with greenery and a beautiful fish pond that is inviting and calming. You can enjoy the special library of books, videos, spacious living room, quiet area with water feature and many other areas throughout the retreat that are waiting for your enjoyment.

New Beginnings is centered in a private, upscale neighborhood and has all the amenities you and your traveling companion could possibly need to avoid 'cabin fever' during your recovery process.

New Beginnings Retreat combines comfort, affordability and peace of mind in a relaxing, luxurious atmosphere where you will be surrounded by others sharing this unique, positive experience.

We'll Get You To Your Appointments On Time

Group Relaxing

You can sit back and relax in our beautiful 7 passenger van, as we pick you up from the airport, drive you and your companion to your pre and post-op appointments as well as your surgery, and make sure you’re always on time.

Traveling Alone? We'll Take Care Of You!

If you're traveling alone for top surgery, we'll take great care of you, and you won't be alone. We will take all your worries away!

The Retreat is affordable and the comfort of a home environment is priceless!