Frequent Questions Asked

Why should we stay at the Retreat instead of a hotel? In today’s economy you want to stretch your dollar and at NBR the savings will amaze you. Did you know a car rental in Florida costs approx $300 per week especially if you are 25 or under? Why rent a car when at NBR we drive you to all your doctor visits, surgery, food excursions, pharmacy runs, dinners out, botanical gardens trip and sunset dinners on the beach. We make sure you are on time for all appointments in a luxury van so you don’t have to worry about anything.

What about our meals? We take you shopping for all of your food needs, some nights we all prepare dinner and eat together , other nights we order in and break bread together in the formal dinning room or main eating areas and even go to the beach for a sunset dinner. Feel free to enjoy eating with your family/companions in several private areas as well. During the weekend we like to fill up the van and go to the mall or a movie while many stay at the retreat the entire time enjoying their private time away together.

What about our medications? After your preop appointment, we will take you to fill your prescriptions!

What about our post surgical supplies? We have everything you need at the retreat ready to you so you don’t have to worry.

We were sitting here thinking back over the time since the opening date of the Retreat and trying to remember all the things that have happened and when we looked back we realized just how much of an advantage it was for some of our guests to have chosen to stay with us instead of a hotel or motel. We never gave half of these incidents a second thought until they actually happened so we want to share some of them with the potential patients that will be coming to Florida to have surgery and will be looking for a place to recover. New Beginnings TLC’s retreat is your place!

One of our patients did not have medical clearance and did not realize it until their pre-op visit. They were from England and because they were at the retreat, we were able to get up early the next day and take them to a local doctor for their clearance. If they had been at a hotel they would have had to locate a doctor and find transportation to and from. It was much easier because we were familiar with the area and the local doctors.
Another patient got all the way to the hospital and realized they did not have their driver’s license. All Leland had to do was pick up the phone and call NBR, have someone go into their room and copy/send the license to us. Had they been staying somewhere else they would have had to arrange transportation, go back to the hotel and then return to the hospital, likely missing their surgery time as they were the first surgery in the morning. On top of that they were from Australia and had no clue of their location.

At the retreat you are able to come alone or should we say without a companion and you are never alone or feel lonely. One of us on site will go with you and be your companion. If you were staying in a hotel and did not have someone with you, you would not be able to have your surgery unless you pay an additional $175 per night for an aid.

Another time we stayed at the hospital with some of our German visitors and translated for the female companion while her partner was in surgery. She did not speak any English at all and this enabled her to be able to understand and also navigate the system much better.

A visitor from Italy left their computer in the transportation vehicle and we made sure it made it safely home. That same patient was not fluent in English and we helped with translation during their entire two week stay. We still stay in touch and we plan a visit to Italy in the future.

Having a nurse on staff has come in handy on many occasions. It has taken the anxious moments out of small incidents that patients were unsure of. After 25 years of ER and Operating room nursing, there is little that could or would shock me.

New Beginnings TLC is affordable and the comfort of a home environment is priceless! Our team is excited to be part of your surgical journey! Contact us directly to create your reservation: